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June 2016

1. Editor's Corner

Carol Baffi-Dugan

I am trying something a little different with this issue – but, maybe not. As I get older, and I see friends and colleagues retiring, I am reflecting on change and how much has changed.

2. Guiding Students as They Explore a Military Medical Career

Aaron Saguil, MD, MPH, FAAFP, LTC(P), MC, USA

After helping care for a local national patient hit by an improvised explosive device, I walked back over to our primary care section, ready to see the ambulatory patients that made up the bulk of my practice.

3. Pre-Professional Health Advising in the Eighties

Howard F. Solomon PhD

In an age of change, medicine too does not stand still. As the healing arts alter their form, so does the undergraduate instruction that leads to admission into the professional schools and so does the counseling process for undergraduates in their pre-professional years.

4. Bicameral Prerequisite Curriculum

Robert Blystone, PhD

Dichotomous, bicameral, and Yin & Yang may be used to describe the formal medical education process that can trace its roots back to the Abraham Flexner report of 1910.

5. The Health Professions Advisor's Letter of Evaluation: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Kay H. Singer, PhD
Robert A. Witzburg, MD

Health professions advisors (HPA) and medical school admissions officers play important roles in determining who will comprise the next generation of doctors in America.

6. The AHEC Program and One Advisor's Experience

Chere Pereira

The AHEC Program is a resource that is largely untapped by advisors. If you go to the AHEC website at www.nationalahec.org you find the following:

7. Creating a Clinical Internship Program for Your Schools

Cathy L. Pederson, PhD

A clinical internship program can provide your students with valuable insights to their health profession of choice, while also serving as a good recruiting tool for your institution and providing a means to build and formalize valuable relationships in the local healthcare community.

8. Demystifying Careers in Medicine: The Physician-Student Mentoring Program at Butler University

Johnny D. Pryor, JD
Michael J. Samide, PhD

During the 2006-2007 academic year, the Office of Post-Graduate Studies at Butler University launched a physician-student mentoring program.

9. Book Review "The Health Care Handbook, Second Edition."

Stephanie Tin, Tufts University post-bac student

As a post-bac student, I like to think that I am particularly confident in my decision to go into health care. I’ve voluntarily put time, money, and energy into a program whose sole focus is to prepare me for preparing myself for a medical career.

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