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September 2013

1. Editor's Corner

Carol Baffi-Dugan

As you begin a new academic year, I hope you find this issue offers food for thought, tools to improve your advising, and affirmation that our profession is a rewarding one.

2. Practice Makes Perfect — How Advisors Can Promote Core Competency Training During the Undergraduate Years

Alex Tan, PhD
Carol Weisse, PhD

We want our health professionals to be knowledgeable, empathetic, cooperative team members who possess many interpersonal skills that can be, but are often not taught or practiced in a formal way.

3. Fostering Physician Trust

C. Hughes, M. Donnelly, Z. Brown, E. Henry, A. Johar,
S. Mehdi, A. Zimmerman, P. Perez, C. French,
M. Rodriguez, M. E. Calabrese, N. Nagarakanti,
L. Jin, C. Salazar with Carlissa Hughes, PhD

A patient’s sense of trust in their physician is a fundamental factor in the patient-physician relationship. The goals of these three studies, which were conducted over three years and were refined based upon each prior study were to formulate an operational definition of trust, create a test to assess this characteristic, and attempt to successfully train people to seem more trustworthy in a physician-patient interaction.

4. Program Overview and Assessment Methodology for Online Instruction in Chemistry at Oregon State University

Michael Lerner, PhD
Kim Thackray

Oregon State University offers a wide range of online chemistry courses. The courses are well subscribed (as of 2013 approximately 13% of our department’s student credit hours were awarded in online courses) and both the online enrollment totals and the fraction of effort devoted to online instruction continue to increase.

5. VCU Acceleration: What We Have Learned About Improving Educational Outcomes for Incoming Pre-health Students from Diverse Backgrounds

Erika K. Dumke, MEd
Seth L. Leibowitz, Ed
Kevin A. Harris, MSA

Retention and graduation rates have been an area of concern for colleges and universities, as numerous reports have indicated that many students are struggling to remain in college and graduate.

6. MCAT 2015 is Coming: AAMC Resources for Advisors and Students

Melissa Betz Cichowicz, PhD

The new MCAT exam will be offered starting in March 2015. Health professions advisors and students alike need to become familiar with the topics contained within the new exam, in particular in the new section on Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior.

7. CAAHP Regional Report

Heidi Lang, CAAHP President

CAAHP had a fabulous, record regional gathering in April 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. Despite torrential weather pounding much of the Midwest, CAAHP welcomed a record turnout of both advisors and professional schools to the Westin Book Cadillac in downtown Detroit.

8. NEAAHP Regional Report

Debi Swarner
Jan Reichard-Brown
Libby Morsheimer, NEAAHP President

The NEAAHP regional meeting was held from April 11-14 at the Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ with a record number of attendees participating. For the largest session day, 241 registrants attended and we filled our hotel block for the event.

9. SAAHP Regional Report

Celeste Crowe, SAAHP President

The 2013 SAAHP Meeting was held April 4-7 at the Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville, KY. University of Louisville School of Dentistry, under the leadership of Dianne Foster, served as local host.

10. WAAHP Regional Report

Craig Vaske, WAAHP Vice President

The 2013 WAAHP Meeting was held on the lovely University of California – Irvine Campus from May 3rd through the 7th, 2013. In coordination with our AAMC partners theme of Technology in Medical Education (TIME), the theme of the WAAHP meeting was Technology in Advising.

11. Book Review: "Crazy Good Interviewing: How Acting a Little Crazy Can Get You the Job"

Ann C. Trail

When I first picked up "Crazy Good Interviewing," by John B. Molidor, I confess I wondered a bit what use this would be to me, a prehealth adviser, or to my students, especially since the context is the job interview and the world of business.

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