September 2002

Volume 22 | Number 4

Updates from the Health Professions

2002 National Meeting Keynote Address: Communications: The Four Points of the Health Professions Advisor's Compass
Robert F. Sabalis, Ph.D.
AAMC Associate Vice President

Updates from the Health Professions

Allopathic Medicine
Robert Sabalis, Ph.D.

Chiropractic Medicine
William H. Dallas, D.C.

Richard H. Carr, Jr., D.D.S.

Naturopathic Medicine
Paul Mittman, N.D.

Ellen-Marie Whelan, R.N., N.P., Ph.D.

Occupational Therapy
Guy L. McCormack, Ph.D., O.T.R., FAOTA

James M. Caldwell, O.D.

Osteopathic Medicine
Linda Heun, Ph.D.

Elisabeth J. Ross, M.A.

Physician Assistant
Jim Fry, P.A.-C.

Physical Therapy
Susan S. Deusinger, P.T., Ph.D.

Podiatric Medicine
Marlene Reid

Public Health
Allison Foster, M.B.A.

Application Services

Pam Cranston, Ph.D.

Robert F. Ruiz, Ph.D.

Marlene Reid

David Asprey

Elisabeth J. Ross, M.A.

John E. Roane, Jr.

Elisabeth J. Ross, M.A.

Advisor Fair Entries

Professional School Applications Procedures Website
Beverly B. Childress

Junior/Senior Health Professions Workshop
Angela S. Cole
Lee Abrahamsen, Ph.D.

In House MCAT Review Sessions
Thomas A. Davis, Ph.D.

Health Science Shadowing Course
Thomas A. Davis, Ph.D.

The Center for Life Sciences: Health Professions Advising Tools
Chrystal Kelly
Jim Zakely

Health Professions Advising at the US Air Force Academy
Helen K. Pigage, D.A.
Deborah L. Hall, Ph.D.

Career Preparation Seminar for Health Professions
Gail Robinson, Ph.D.

A Simplified Approach to Mock Interviews
Timothy A. Sherwood, Ph.D.

Study Abroad Course for Premed Students
Michael Ulrich, Ph.D.

Health Professions Advising Issues

Effective Communication Skills and the Medical/Dental School Interview
Barry S. Anton, Ph.D.

Curricular Changes at Medical Schools and Premedical School Requirements
Carol Baffi-Dugan, M.A., M.Ed.

Foreign Medical Schools from the Premedical Advisor Point of View
Paul J. McLoughlin II, M.Ed.
William Harvey, Ph.D.
Anthony P. Smulders, Ph.D.

International Education and the Premedical Experience
Jeremiah L. Putnam, Ph.D.

Book Review: The Human Side of Medicine
Book by Laurence A. Savett, M.D.
Review by Ronald H. Fishbein, M.D.

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