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June 2003

Volume 23 | Number 3

Special Theme: Public Health

A Public Health Primer
Nancy Alfred Persily

Trends in Public Health Education
Arthur J. Culbert
Allison Foster

Understanding the Admissions Processes of Schools of Public Health
Jeffery Thomas Johnson

Financing Your Public Health Education
Jill D'Amico

Diversity and Public Health
Ciro V. Sumaya
Mah Sere Keita Sow

"I've finished my degree...Now what?"
Monica Gonzalez
Michelle Frisch


Minorities in Medicine: Nurturing Interest and Enhancing Opportunities to Pursue a Medical Degree
Carol L. Elam
Karen E. Hamilton
Saundra Herndon Oyewole
Lily May Johnson

Research Articles

Success in One School's Medical Curriculum As Predicted By Students' Undergraduate Academic Scores
E. Gregory Keating, Ph.D.

Highlight on a Profession

Clinical Investigation, an Emerging Field of Health-Related Graduate Studies
Amy Rutstein-Riley
Paul A. Boepple

ASPH: Liaison Report
William H. Harvey

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