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June 2000

Volume 20 | Number 3

Special Theme: The PreMed Syndrome

A Survey on the "Premedical Syndrome"
Robert M. Sade, M.D.
Glenn A. Fleming, Ph.D.
G. Robert Ross, Ph.D.

The Plight of Premedical Education: Myths and Misperceptions — Part I: The "Premedical Syndrome"
Gert H. Brieger, M.D., Ph.D.

"It's Déjà Vu All Over Again!": An Advisor Reflects on the Premedical Syndrome and the Premedical Stereotype
Gail Glicksman, Ph.D.

Research Articles

Gauging Matriculants' Experiences with Small-Group Learning: Implications for Medical School Performance
Amy V. Blue, Ph.D.
Carol Elam, Ed.D.
Kimberly Stahlman, B.A.

Pre-Admission Medical Student Variables: Do They Predict Practice Location and Specialty?
Erin L. Graham, M.A.
Steven J. Verhulst, Ph.D.
Erik J. Constance, M.D.

Committee Letter, Advisor, or Letter Service? Results of the E-mail Survey
Paul J. Crosby, M.A.

Retrospective: Informal History of the Founding of CAAHP
Frank Whitehouse, Jr., M.D.

ADEA: Liaison Report
Don Bloxham, Ph.D.

AAVMC: Liaison Report
Marilyn J. Hoffman

Book Review: PreMed: Who Makes It and Why?
Book by Mary Ann Maguire
Review by Cecilia Fox, Ph.D.

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