December 2009

Volume 29 | Number 4

Special Theme: Pharmacy

Why Pharmacy?
Jennifer Athay, PharmD

As the opening article in the theme issue on pharmacy, this piece provides a brief but comprehensive overview of the profession, labor projections for pharmacists, ways to prepare for the field and a summary of a typical pharmacy curriculum. Following this is a list of useful web-based resources. Jennifer Athay is the NAAHP Advisory Council member from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and played a vital role in the compilation of this issue.

Pharmacy Careers Can Take the Adventurous Far Beyond the Dispensary
Mark R. Lowery

Reprinted with permission from Drug Topics May 1, 2009.

Salary Survey: Pharmacist Salaries Continue to Climb
Alaina Scott

Reprinted with permission from Drug Topics March 1, 2009.

Pharmacy School Admissions: Know the Facts
Thomas TenHoeve III, PhD

This article aims at debunking the myths surrounding pharmacy school admissions process as well as provide advisors and prospective applicants with information on how to prepare and how to apply.

Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)
Don Meagher, EdD
Christina Perez, MS, MEd

The authors are with Pearson, the organization that administers the PCAT. They outline the test content, discuss how scores are interpreted, and offer information about practice tests.

Navigating PharmCAS
Lexi Losch

The author is with Liaison International which administers PharmCAS. She discusses the central application and how to complete it, along with providing some data about volume of applicants over the years.

Record-Setting Flu Fighters

Reprinted with permission from Academic Pharmacy Now, Volume 2, Issue 1, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. This article reviews what several pharmacy schools have done to vaccinate people against the flu.

All Over the Map: Academic Pharmacy Knows No Boundaries to Discovery, Learning and Caring to Improve Health
All Over the Map Part II: Pharmacy Academia Extends Its Global Reach

Reprinted with permission from Academic Pharmacy Now, Volume 1, Issues 3 and 4, AACP. These two articles in a two-part series provide a variety of stories on the global outreach and impact of pharmacy academia.

Doc on the Cape: Reflections of a Prehealth Advisor Patient
William Church, PhD

In a brief and almost whimsical piece, the author tells a story of a visit to a Cape Cod emergency room and how he saw firsthand how medicine, more than a profession or vocation, is a "way of life: a commitment of the mind, body, and soul to what you do, who you are, and how you impact the human beings you serve."

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