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NAAHP Bibliography

The extensive bibliography of medicine — what it’s like to be a health care professional, what it’s like to be a patient, what the experience of preparing for a career in health care is like — provides an important complement to the students’ own experiences, in which they draw on their own encounters with illness and those of their families, activities in service to those who are ill, and time spent “shadowing” and talking with professionals in the students’ prospective careers.

This list of references, always a work in progress, should provide ample material for enriching one’s knowledge of the professions. The list is long and diverse, and the advisor can be of help in steering students to those references that may be of most help to the individual student.

When books have been reviewed in The Advisor, the date of review is indicated in parentheses after the citation.
NAAHP bibliography revised by Chere Pereira 02-2016.

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