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Quarterly Journal

The Advisor is our quarterly journal (free to all members or available by subscription) which contains research and viewpoint articles of interest to our members.  Often, issues of the journal have a particular theme, sometimes focusing on one health profession. Individual schools, health profession associations, and commercial entities with health education related products or services may arrange to advertise in the journal by contacting Malinda Byrne.

Advertising rates and deadlines for The Advisor

Size of Advertisement   Location in Journal   Member Cost Non-Member Cost
Width x Height   All non-bleed with .75" white margin  
Color 2018
Color 2018
Half page: 6.75" x 4.5"   Editor's discretion  
Full page: 6.75" x 9.5"   Editor's discretion  
Full page: 6.75" x 9.5"   Inside back cover Left; Inside back cover Right  
Full page: 6.75" x 9.5"   Inside front cover  
Full page: 6.75" x 9.5"   Back cover  

Journal Issue Deadline for Ads
December November 1
March February 1
June May 1
September August 1

Please email all advertisements as a 300 dpi (or higher) TIFF or PDF file to advertising@naahp.org.
All prices and dates are subject to change without notice.

2018 National Meeting Program Ads

Reaching Out to Advisors

Many of our constituents, both Patron members and others, often ask us how to reach out to advisors to communicate about programs, special events, changes in procedures, etc.  This outline may help you determine which medium best suits your needs.


Organization Website
The NAAHP website has information about the association, links to our Advisory Council association, meeting information and many additional resources for members.  Job postings appear on the website.  Those interested may contact Sam Shafer at sshafer@naahp.org.  There is no advertising on the website.

The HLTHPROF Listserv is co-owned by NAAHP, Inc. and Michigan State University and managed by Tesha White at NAAHP.  It provides a forum for discussion among advisors, health profession schools representatives, and health profession associations' staff. Participants can post an announcement, change a deadline, share an update, etc. on the listserv.  To join, please email Tesha White at naahp.membership@naahp.org.

Mail and Electronic Outreach
The National Office sells mailing labels to associations, schools, or commercial entities with health related products who want to send material to our members.  Information from non-NAAHP members must be reviewed and approved in advance.  A copy should be sent electronically to mbyrne@naahp.org.

Labels for... Member Cost Non-Member Cost
...all NAAHP advisors
...single region's advisors

Membership lists are updated daily and volume can be obtained from the National Office.  Labels may be purchased by calling the NAAHP office.

NAAHP does not sell email addresses but would be happy to send an email message for you to our entire advisor membership or some subset of our advisor members by regions.  We generally send out requested eBlasts within 1 week after receipt of payment and of content. Information from non-NAAHP members must be reviewed and approved in advance.

eBlasts to... Member Cost Non-Member Cost
...NAAHP advisors members
...advisor members in a single region

Contact Malinda Byrne at advertising@naahp.org or (217) 355-0063 for more details.

Susan Maxwell, NAAHP Executive Director
Kate Fukawa-Connelly, NAAHP Director of Communications

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